August 1 - 2005

Fuerteventura, shooting North

 Fuerteventura, shooting North

Back from Rodrigues, just one night in Paris, and directly to Canarias for the photo shooting North.
The photo shooting with North kiteboarding team it s always a big moment, to see everybody, it s like a family party.
Rhino 6 and board that the programm of the week.

On the North cost of Fuerteventura, wind and waves are good, the spot are corralejo and flag beach.
The first day was a good resume of all…there is a volcano one kilometers from the beach, Jaime with his 20 meters kite, went next to it, at the end of the day, then start to climb it.
From the beach it was possible to see a little kite, very high in the sky…that was him, but his kite went down in the middle of it, he was so high, the same time we were doing a kite rugby on the beach…

The 4th days was an epic day, good condition, at Corralejo, kicker at 60 meters, 12meters kite rhino 06, perfect, everybody was pushing each other big move, 360 grab, kiteloop handle pass, Jaime, Cesar, Sky, Dany, Angela, Soufiane, Christian, Anja, and Ludovic Franco was shooting, Tronolones filming, and Christine was managing everything.
All was good, until i arrived too fast in the water after a kiteloop handle pass, my back foot stay in the foostraps, the anckle was twisted.
Jaime then Christine ( thanks to her to take me on her back on the way to the hospital…she is our team manager)bring me to the hospital, not brocken, just need two weeks of rest…Then my insurance and sky bring me back home.

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Fuerteventura, shooting North

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