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Make My Day episode 5 / Mauritius One Eye

Make My Day episode 5...

1 Oct 2012 - posted in : blog -video

i’m Happy to announce that the Episode 5 of the web series Make my Day is online here. “Mauritius Island” a true postcard that you pin on you refrigerator, white beaches, mountains, waterfalls, lagoons and behind this… we discover a country, landscapes, people, smiles, and stories. I will tell you the legend of a wave […]

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Ksp world tour Mauritius, One Eye Pro 2011.

Ksp world tour...

8 Oct 2011 - posted in : blog -events

A cliff! that’s what has just passed waveriding in kitesurfing. A world championship on a world class spot, one of the best in the world for wind, waves … best riders worldwide, all broadcast live on the net, with videos, scores and comments .. . We dreamed of it, the KSP did. Mauritius for this […]

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Kitesurfing in Mauritius and Indian Ocean.

Kitesurfing in...

4 Nov 2010 - posted in : blog -travel

I’m back from 17 days in the Indian Ocean, 14 days of wind, including a week in North Kite Rebel 7 meters. I first put my fins in Mauritius Island, on the famous spot of le Morne. There are lot of people now on the spot, French, Italians, Swiss, English, and about fifteen riders constantly […]

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Mauritius, one eye!

Mauritius, one eye!

28 Jun 2007 - posted in : blog -events

I have been on Mauritius for 5 days. Arrived Sunday morning, after a sleepless night in the aircraft because of discussion, I went to lay down at 9 H in the morning for a small nap, which will finish towards 18H (fortunately there was no wind). The following day, wake up at 6H, I open […]

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