North Kiteboarding

 North Kiteboarding

North Kiteboarding is leading the world Kiteboarding Market.

in 2002, I was in the Gorge, Oregon, USA, Jaime Herraiz North team Manager asks me to join the team and since that day, i’m leaving the dream.

Intensive product research and development puts North at the cutting edge of the latest changes in terms of technical development and trends. Setting new standards through non stop development and always try for the best, a concept that’s reflected in the quality and performance of boards, kites and accessories.

Every year North kiteboarding come with innovative product, like the 5TH line or like the high-tech Iron Heart who need a release force of only 5 Kg, elected best security system by magazine.

North kiteboarding push kiteboarding forward

Kites (Rebel, Vegas, Fuse, Evo, Neo), i’m riding the rebel, i love it in wave, high performance, stability, and safety.

Boards, from Twin tip for kids, with affordable price, to the SELECT using technology like Textreme from Formula 1 and Aerospace.
I’m riding the Rebel 2013 and Wam 5’10 in waves, and jaime 132 for freestyle.

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North Staff with Till, Christine, Nicklas, Nils, Philipp,Flo and design team, Ken, Dirk and Raph…push the brand and team constantly to the top.

The North team is a big strength of north, everybody help everybody, every rider knows that is very lucky to be part of the family and show it.

Jaime, Cesar, Soufiane, Sky, Angela, Gabi….My family since 8 years.