My bag

My bag

The boardbag (bag of board), 1M85, generally weighing from 10 to 40 kilos.

It’s my house, I can sleep inside (during contest when I rest between two heats, or in the desert when I do not have a tent), i can seat on it like a sofa when i have to wait in the airport, and i put the 3/4 of my material inside.

Accomplice at the checking counter in the airport, when it is necessary to negotiate if it’s too large, too big, or too heavy, he can become lighter on the balance, or become smaller by himself.
Sometimes he travels for free sometimes it’s way too expensive to travel with.

It’s funny in Paris, taxi doesn’t want it, i have to negotiate, they have plenty of room cause it can go inside a Mini or a C2, but i think they are scared…in the other side, in Africa, i put it on top of the roof, over chicken, potatoes, or inside a car already packed but nobody care.

People in the airport wonder what it can contain, people already ask me if it was a coffin…

I put there 3 boards, 4 kites, 2 bars, a pump, harness…