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A new era begins, kitesurf becomes common.
On all spots and beaches, we meet other kiter. Spots are packed. Surfers have known this phenomenon before us, and since always, travel is an integral part of this sports.
Boat trips, developed with surfers, allows us to go far away, alone, with friends, searching for waves.
We have already seen boat trips in kite, but none with surfers, it’s the experience that Oxbow tries with the L.F.X project: Last Frontier Explorers

Tuamotus - photo -> 1
Today, July 17th, I have an appointment at Tim McKenna’s place with all the actors of this adventure. Malik Joyeux, Manoa Drollet, the Teahupoo dream team, they surfed the biggest surfed waves there, Duane Desoto, the world longboard champion, 100% Hawaiian, Prisca Amaru, the girl kitesurfer and surfer of the team, she also rides at Teahupoo, and me kitesurfer and surfer of Dunkerque. Added to this group is the production team: 3 cameramen, Gilles and Marco of RFO, Jean-Michel Gué, the film-maker and Tim the Oxbow photographer since 15 years.
 Tuamotus - photo -> 2
We dissect the Tuamotus maps, so many islands, potential waves, coconut palms, empties, lagoons, spots, it makes me dizzy. Chris, the skipper, guides us. In the end, I don’t know where we are going, only the fact we take a plane tomorrow. Last preparations, equipment is sent by freight.
At the aiport, everybody is ready. Malik forgot his passport, but after 2 minutes of negociation.., it always works. After one hour of flight, we pass over an island, an enormous left rolls up on the island without pass. Seen from the airs, it’s impressive. We all are glued to the window at the left side scrutizining this wave. The stewardess asks us to get back to our seats for restabilizing the plane. We land at the smallest aeroport I have ever seen, there is wind, we get into some pickups, via the harbour…the Jacques Chirac Square with only 4 street lamps where a boat waits for us.

Tuamotus - photo -> 3
A cook, a skipper, 2 assistants and a boss, this is the crew, each nicer one than the other.
We all get a cabin. On the program, night crossing and we’ll be on the first spot tomorrow morning.
After a restless night, everybody tries to sleep as they can, the wind blows frontal. I open an eye and watch through the cabin window, it’s a grey day and there’s a storm. At only 30 meters of my bed, a left rolls up perfectly, the wind is side off, the wave digs out, tubes, a real machine…

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