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The Devil of the Roaring Forties.

Early January, the temperature in Paris is down to freezing level…In Tasmania, this island South of Australia, the wind is blowing, the Austral summer is here…Wind, sun, waves, a dream for a kite surfer.
The mission is to find the perfect spot for the perfect shot. On an island unspoiled by men, Fabienne D’Ortoli, Jérémie Eloy and Hervé Bouré embark on an adventure tracking the famous TAZ, the Tasmanian devil, a little marsupial and the emblem of this part of the world. Tribulations of a wild quest.

Tasmania - photo -> 1

After more than 22 hours on a plane, Tasmania finally unveils before us. Sydney, gave us a preview, Hobart, Tasmania’s state capital, is greeting us with a sweet and delicate warmth. At the airport, Jérémie is welcoming us. We are really anxious to discover the island. Did we make the right choice? Will we find our waves? What if…? What if…?
So many questions so little time, only 15 days to get answers.

Fabienne and Hervé are coming in two days, for the time being we are meeting with Andrew, Franck’s acquaintance.
Armed with guides, maps and buzz, we pick the must–see spots, places and animals. This is also the purpose of the trip, unfolding the kite wing in some unspoiled spots… adding a touch of exotic, it rocks.

First stop, Bruny Island, off the southern part of Tasmania, it lies 100km south of Hobart. A forest of eucalyptus brightens up a landscape burned by the sun.
Some hollow trunks with vegetation on top look as if the trees were dead; the indescribable fragrance is a reminder that we are thousands kilometers away from Europe. First spot and first ants tickling our legs, but the conditions are not right and that is just the beginning.
Tasmania - photo -> 2

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