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Somewhere, Mexico.

Somewhere, Mexico.

Bang ! A first shot rings out, people run, and push each other in front of the door. A lady in a blue dress, pushed by an other, and followed by a cop, enter rashly.
Sampling a tacos still dripping with guacamole, I look at the scene without turning a hair. My acolytes: Maxime Houyvet, the photographer, Manu, Carine windsurfer tripper and their 3-year-old daughter Lou remain just as stoical as I do.

Intrigued by this sudden hubbub, I look away for two seconds, no longer concentrating on my tacos, and discover people in the restaurant laying down on the ground. Now it’s time to react!
Somewhere, Mexico. - photo -> 1

Welcome! This is our second day in the depths of Mexico. We landed here after hours of searches on maps, swells, wind, on the look-out for the slightest indication, an unpublished trip, on the discovery for spots on the Pacific Coast.
Manu was in touch with Carlos, a local surfer, who spoke about incredible waves ruined each afternoon by a very strong wind, (it’s often the indication which clicked in our heads).
And here we are, one month later in full action…
Somewhere, Mexico. - photo -> 2

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