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A grain of sand!!

All the story began with this small piece of whitish limestone, clamped between my toes.

During all year, this grain of sand begged me to return at home.

Nevertheless, I gave him a hard time, from the white sand of Tahiti, to the sand of the end of Mozambique, by way of the granular sand of the Hawaiian Islands.
Every time, the same answer, no place pleased him, no place was perfect, no place was peaceful and unchained as his place.
Rodrigues - photo -> 1

One year later, to the day, I finally released him from all these journeys.

This grain of sand, I had embarked him inadvertently since the charming island of Rodrigues.
Often, I keep in my kite a piece of the previous spot, but never I have enjoyed a story like that….. this
grain of sand did not stop begging me… so I return to Rodrigues.

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