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Reunion Island

Reunion Island

Reunion Island, rebel island, often on the newspaper for disasters, Chikungugna, volcano eruptions, cyclones, sharks, giant waves… here is how we can see this island for an ordinary French metropolitan, a rock lost between Madagascar and Mauritius.

Reunion Island - photo -> 1

We know finally few things about this French overseas department, and some are quite satisfied about it.
Life is enjoyable on this island, it’s not Stéphane Fournet, a photographer, who will contradict me.

After getting around a lot on the planet, he found with his wife Leena, his small paradise.

For my part, I travel a lot, from paradise to paradise, and I always dreamed to go, one day, to the Reunion Island.
Reunion Island - photo -> 2
We all heard about St Leu, the world-renowned wave, but also about Ravines Blanches, Etang Salé…. the others less known has generally a very friendly name like Pointe Requin (shark point) , Pic du Diable (devil pic), Cap Malheureux (Miserable cap), Cimetière (Cemetery)… and the idea to go riding over there fascinated me.

I like brut nature, I like the big winter storms in Brittany, radical conditions, reef, sea urchins, challenges, and something tell me that i will find my happiness there.

Reunion Island - photo -> 3
Stéphane skype me at the beginning of June, Windguru website announces 4 stars for all week (25 knots of wind, and waves of 2 meters minimum) interested to come ?

After 40 seconds of thought, I already had my flight ticket for the next day. Bertrand Fleury, who is as motivated as me, will join us 2 days later, accompanied with Philippe Alendrin, a good friend of him.

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