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New Caledonia

New Caledonia

Palm trees, white sand, blue lagoon … idyllic image of New Caledonia, this could be the Maldives or Tahiti … it’s all the same.
Think again, I made the mistake to come from Tahiti with my boardshort, my tee shirts, and flip flop, the sun in my eyes, and white sand between the toes.
PNC ( Stewart) disarm your slides …the door of the Airbus is open, I expect the usual flushing, the temperature difference is often radical … and here nothing! ”
Rain on the tarmac, and really cold ! So right after the customs, i open my bags, and put on a sweater, and a pants ..
4 days ago, phone call, I’m in Tahiti, Tim Mckenna on the line: “a big swell arrives on New Caledonia I’m leaving tomorrow to join Jason Polakow and Robert Teritheau. Take a plane and join us at the Isle of Pines!
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Tom Hebert is waiting for me, he lives in Noumea for 13 years, young guns in kiteboarding, world junior champion, he’s part of the family Oxbow.
At night on the road that separates us from Noumea, I feel almost in Normandy, to confirm that, at the entrance of the city, a sign indicates Normandy Mont Dore.

After a good night, i’m going to the local airport to register my boardbag for Pine Island, I look at the prospectus, I was really excited to draw curves there.
A final phone call to Tim, to inform him of my arrival ….
“What !!!??? You do not get my text message? I’m back to Noumea! “…. Motion for battle, I found my boardbag already stored deep in the plane.
Pine Island will be another time, the wave were not that good with this swell.
New Caledonia - photo -> 2

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