After driving hours, looking on map, and asking people we found a place where the wind could be side, there is even a cable railway which allows to go down to the cliff, but it is closed now cause it’s the winter, and the wind is too strong. We could go by foot, a lady shows us the way, but it will take hours to bring everything down, and days to go back up. If it was the only spot we were ready to go.

Madeira, The Floating Garden. - photo -> 12
My second concern is to launch my kite, because here, there is no beach.
Only rocks, big black rocks, those on which you slip when you put the foot on it, those which tangle your lines at the point that you become crazy and send you back home directly, with your kite in confetti, a pleasant massage, and 3 pieces of your ex-favorite board.

We were in touch with two local windsurfers, who showed us surf, kite and windsurf spots and also Punch spots, very important the punch! It is the specialty of the place.
The “Maracuja” Punch is the best and the legend says that the second is even better … The problem is during our ceaseless round trips in search of the wind, Pancho the local made always a stop in Poncheria, compulsory toll.
Madeira, The Floating Garden. - photo -> 13

We throw peanuts on the ground, ok for a punch, and after, for sure we continue, well we buy the following round of drinks, and it is already the second Punch… It is the thing of the place, we are rapidly happy, but at least, we met the neighbor of the friend of relatives of the sister of Cristiano Ronaldo, yeah yeah the famous football player (to be taken with moderation)

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