Ready for adventure! Between tunnels, fog, rain, mud, I follow the road.
Finally it’s not so complicated. After 2 hours of piloting, I let my car on a car park at the beginning of the village Jardim do Mar.
It’s all-dark, i can only hear the lapping of the water going down from the mountains. Every ten seconds a big crash make me jump, waves doesn’t look too far.
By foot, with my bags, I follow a small muddy road, climb some stairs, slip 2-3 times, tell some swearwords, it’s dark, black and I have no idea where to go.
I finally perceive the lights of a Bar called “JOE” it’s where I have to go, but it’s on the other side of the village, at the opposite of my position.
I go back down and slip again in the mud 2-3 times, found the good road, walked thru small paved road.

Here I am, inside the Bar people are leaning against the counter, watching Soccer, teasing each other and drinking the famous Wine from Madeira. The waitress welcomes me, and shows me the way to find the surf camp.
Max and Camille are here; we share a beer and I collapse on my mattress.
I really like to arrive at night, you can imagine a landscape, you dream about the perfect wave, you try to guess what surrounds you, and the next morning, the wake up is full of surprise.
Madeira, The Floating Garden. - photo -> 5
The first sunbeam went thru the window of the dormitory, I need 3 seconds to remember where I am, my eyes want to stay in bed, but excited as I am, they quickly follow my body.

I extricate myself from my bed, go out of the room and arrive on a terrace, which overhangs the village.
The report is made pretty fast: the panorama that surrounds me is absolutely majestic.
Real scenery of a perfect thriller, a paradise for Mary Higgins Clark.

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