The session is memorable in any case; the entire village is there, watching the show, sipping a Maracuja Punch, and throwing peanuts in the rocks
They bet on which one will go out alive.
Madeira, The Floating Garden. - photo -> 23
After 3 hours of session, everybody goes back more or less in good shape, each one is kneaded, there are holes in the boards, and my kite is in two pieces, that was the last day.
Madeira, The Floating Garden. - photo -> 24
Time to pack; I come back with few scratches, a kite and a board broken, and few piece of rocks under my skin.
In some place you really need to sweat to take part of the game, MADEIRA it’s a place like that, but for me it’s a love at first sight. Everything looks magical and to play here, it’s just a big gift that the natures give you.

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