The wave is powerful, close to the edge, but very nice to ride, it is good to be finally into the water with my kite up.
The show from the water is rather magic, luxuriant cliff… I’m not going to describe again the island but from the water, the landscape gets another dimension, the cliff is reflected into the water, and gives a sensational color to it.
Madeira, The Floating Garden. - photo -> 21
Max joined us in the water with its fish-eye (very short lens which rounded the ground a bit).
We share waves in front of his objective with John, Nayra and Camille.
If I have concerns to go in the water, the others have other problems, when they lose their board, it goes directly onto the rocks
Madeira, The Floating Garden. - photo -> 22
The wave is a little bit soft at first, then quickly digs to become tubular, a stream roller that really wants to flatten you in rocks.

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