The only way to come back is to do a small downwind of 1Km to keep some wind,
I finished in the shore break, but everything went well.
It took me one hour to come back. Bare foot from rock to rock, while keeping an eye on the cliff, a bit worried to receive a stone. I move slowly back to the village. I even have to go in a forest of bamboo, crawling through a river of mud, my kite hanging around; I finally burst out laughing by the situation.
Madeira, The Floating Garden. - photo -> 27
The next day, we were on the road for the capital, Funchal, to do some picture inside the old cathedral, and kindle some candle to make the wind blow. Nayra calls us: ” the wind rises ” Alleluia!!
Windguru planned 8 knots, but magic of the aerologic, as the wind is parallel to the cliffs, it accelerates and rises to 20-25 knots.
We go back as fast as we can to the other side of the island, the wind is here, the sun also, the sand still not.
Madeira, The Floating Garden. - photo -> 20
I unroll my lines on the road, make the traffic with one arm and connect the lines with the other one.
Camille holds me the kite in the middle of the road and I go down on the rocks, everything is fine, the kite takes off, Nayra gave me the board, I scrape a little against the rocks, but it works without too many concern.

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