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Madeira, The Floating Garden.

Madeira, The Floating Garden.

Bem-vindo to Madeira ” a volcanic Portuguese Island, situated 1000 km to the southwest of Lisbon, off the Moroccan coast. Madeira is a part of the Macaronesia, an area of 5 archipelagos between Europe and North Africa

Small luxuriant Island lost in the middle of the Atlantic, a strategic outpost for European and African continents, the Mecca of perpetual confrontation between elements: water, wind and the biggest cliff of Europe.
Madeira, The Floating Garden. - photo -> 1
Going to flirt with this environment in constants oppositions was the challenge and to manage to go to in the water, a real mission.
I will travel over there with Maxime Houyvet a French young talented photographer, Camille Julban, a Guadeloupean, a rising star in windsurfing and an Anglo-Spanish couple, Nayra Alonso and John Skye both pros windsurfers.

January 2010, the northern half of Europe experienced one of its coldest winters since 1981–1982, Heavy snow is recovering every city, people are snowboarding in the middle of Paris, kids doing snowman in London, cities in Spain without power…
At this point, packing some boardshort in my travelbag, make me smile, as always…
Madeira, The Floating Garden. - photo -> 2

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