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Ile aux Vaches, Brittany, France

Ile aux Vaches, Brittany, France

Welcome to the beginning of the world, that’s literally what “Pen ar bed” (name of Brittany in the old Brittany language) means (“pen” in Brittany means the head).

However, fighting step after step against the wind, eyes sweating of sea spray, and the lungs drunk of fresh air, this looks more like to the end of the world.

Ile aux Vaches, Brittany, France - photo -> 1
But no, here I am at the Raz point (west point of France), my body leaning against the wind, I observe the beginning of the world. For me who likes the unleashed elements, I would surely have begun the world like this.

The way back to the van will be done surprisingly more quickly, carried by the air blasts which sweeps the moor of the Cap Sizun.

On the way for Audierne, (Gwaien into Breton), a few encablures from there, plain pancakes after banana pancakes…., I gather strenght, while appreciating the landscape, the houses, the blue shutters, the churches, the cemeteries.

Brittany is a country of its own, change of scenery guaranteed.
Ile aux Vaches, Brittany, France - photo -> 3
Since a few years, I savor the images of this spot, large waves, rough conditions, and tales of real hardcore sessions.

Often, local windsurfers like Bruno Andre, or Belbeoc’h bring us back images of waves among the most beautiful of the hexagon (except Belharra).

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