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France, Brittany, Melano’ch

France, Brittany, Melano’ch

Slab in Brittany!

13th December, i’m back from Maui, Hawaii, a bit tired from the jet lag and hours in the plane.
At Home, first thing i do is to check Windguru (the weather forecast bible), just in Case of….
A big storm was coming to Brittany, few phone call and i was already packing my gear.

I left Lille, North of France, while thinking only of one thing, this special wave, a typical “Slab”. I only saw a picture of it, with a Bodyboarder! a thick lip, a large tube, a wave worthy of the reefs Tahitien, look like Teahupoo… and all that in Brittany.

Excited, like on my first day of kiteboarding, i hit the road for 7 hours.
France, Brittany, Melano'ch - photo -> 1
I already spend lot of time in Brittany, towards St Malo, some times at “la Torche” or “Quiberon”, but never at this place, one of the wildest spot in France.

I arrived on time, the sun rise welcome me at 8am, i park the car next to the beach, it was cold (6°C ), windy, and the sea was full of white cap.
France, Brittany, Melano'ch - photo -> 2
I cross “Monique” the typical Brittan granny who walks with her dog (it is the local sport apparently) and she starts to speak with me about kiteboarding , her son, her dog, the contact is really easy here, one said hello, one tell his life… a funny morning on a car park at the end of the world.

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