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Easter Island

Easter Island

*The  Aeolus warriors.

For the first time, two kitesurfers, Jérémie ELOY and Fabienne D’ORTOLI try the challenge to surf the most beautiful waves of the Easter Island.
Jérémie Eloy, (among the 10 better world champions) and Fabienne d’ Ortoli (double world champion 2001/2002 and number two world champion 2003) go during three weeks be in search of the unique sensation: navigate the Easter Island, a whole symbol!
As everybody, they heard about Moaïs, these high statues which surround the island, but they also know that the island is in the middle of the Pacific and that the wave takes more than 5000 kilometers to come from Australia! For sure, it must be exceptional!
Easter Island - photo -> 1
Thirty hours of journey since Paris are needed to arrive on the island the most remote from any inhabited place. Easter Island is also known as Rapa Nui, which means in pascuan ” Big Earth ” … The island measures nevertheless only 23km on 12… The legend names it, the navel of the world. They can navigate there?
It is nevertheless their challenge: to kite on the mysterious island. They dream about it since they are quite small… Nobody made it yet, they are the pioneers.
 Easter Island - photo -> 2

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