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The plane turns, the captain take his microphone and announced: “On the left of the aircraft you can admire the highest peak in South America” …. I try to open the window but i’m super slow as my eyes are sore from 14 hours of sleeping.

My pupils dilate, dazzled by the light, I thought I was dreaming … the show is great.
Chile - photo -> 1
The aircraft slide on the summits whitened by snow, welcome to a magical, majestic wild nature “Bienvenido a Chile”

At the airport, i rent with some difficulty the reserved rental car, but due to a mistake of their part, I finally finished with a large 4wheel drive for a really good price.
Chile - photo -> 2
Etienne Lhote, the French rider from Brittany has been there for a few days, Herve Bourré the Pro rider from South of France will joins us tomorrow, so I drove alone towards Matanzas.

A highway marked by, among other fruit vendors, cyclists, bus stops, llamas, billboards, vineyards, quite a show, the 3 hour drive pass quickly.
Chile - photo -> 3
Matanzas is a quiet little village clinging to the side of a hill, continuously swept by the wind, waves … a paradise for fans of wild surf trip.

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