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Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde

In the middle of French winter, when all is gray, it’s difficult to imagine that a couple hour plane ride later, the weather is actually very nice

Though, we just took off, Franck Socha and me, it’s already looking good, Cape Verdean smiles on board give the pitch. No need of music, “Sodade” tune is on everyone’s lips.

Arrived in the middle of the night, Nico of the CNS center (Nathalie Simon Center) comes and picks us up. Franck, of course, brought with him French provisions: Camembert, salami. The weather forecast is epic, big swell, hard wind, sun. I try to sleep, I’m eager to be tomorrow.
Cabo Verde - photo -> 1
Up at the crack of dawn, from my bed, I can see foam “PUNTA” a gorgeous wave that rolls very close of the bank. She can be big, really big, tubular, a perfect right.

Water is so clear that the wave becomes turquoise blue.

Wind accompanies it on its fall blowing it some silver hair.

In short, a magic wave. Thousands of people go all over the world for a wave like this.
Cabo Verde - photo -> 2
It’s the second time I come here. Since 4 years ago, nothing has really changed, more hotels like the big Rui builds at the end of Santa Maria beach, but always as many deserts, dry plains, volcanoes and off course wind.

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