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Travel to kitesurf or kitesurf to travel? That is the question. One thing is sure, this passion has given me wings. From country to country, meeting people, discovering countries, cultures, writing seemed to me like an evidence. Find here chronicles from each travel, narrative, pictures and videos of each trip. Thousands of kilometers, feet full of sand, images, memories, new friends, unforgettable moments through the Australian desert, with sharks in Tahiti, meeting locals in Japan, Latvia, road trip on the East Coast of the United States, South Africa, Sri Lanka, the wild coast of Chile, the beauty of waves in Mauritius and Madeira, the light in Hawaii, spend night in five star hotels Luxury and lounges of airports and nights under the stars in my sleeping bag, remake the world in a multitude of language next to the fire, the pleasure of hearing the wind whistle, the vision of a perfect wave, the green water in the lagoons, and countless marine animals came to meet me, the kindness of the people of Mozambique, the silences of Easter Island, and all friends who are dear to me, Tasmania to Iceland Indeed.

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