September 6 - 2010

Yourmood Kitecup

 Yourmood Kitecup

Mood launches the first edition of “Yourmood Kitecup” competition that will take place off the port of Yvonand (Lake Neuchâtel, Switzerland).

“What we want is a kite show”!
The event will run from October 4, 2010 to November 7, 2010. We therefore confirm the event only three days before starting the competition, to be sure that the wind (north wind) will blow, and to ensure an amazing show.

The wind blew at least three days each year since 2003 during this time of year, according We therefore virtually sure to launch the Yourmood kitecup.

About 500m far from the beach will stay a big yacht called the flagship, insinde will stay the judges, photographers and spectators.
Riders will do their heats downwind of the flagship following the shedules.
Prizemoney will be 3000€, every riders will receive a nice prize
Some smallers boats will be for photographers, videomakers and rescue.
The northwind has very sure forecast, everbody registrered will be “called” 3-4 days before the launch of the kitecup, please, be sure to be registrered as rider, photographers or spectator .

Website of the event:

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Yourmood Kitecup

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