June 3 - 2006

Young Blood Team event

 Young Blood Team event

The first ever North Kiteboarding Young Blood Camp will kick off on May 28th. 20 selected national North Kiteboarding team riders from six European countries will train together for a week. Their national coaches and our international team riders will guide and teach them, special guest and Olympic Snowboard Gold Medalist Tanja Frieden will be the drill Sargent off the water.

After 12 hours of train, and 4 stops, i arrived in Girona ( same time to go to Los Angeles by plane, but it was only for 600 kilometers…)

In Rosas all the team was there, and the new young generation from Brazil, Germany, France, Spain…
The goal is to detect the new generation, and to do some picture with Christoph Maderer for the promotion on each country, and some video.
We are lucky to have Tanja for the physical and physiologic part, she’s gold medalist in the last Olympic game in Turino in Snowboard Bordercross.
The wind today was light not more than 15 knots, but everybody was in the water, very motivated.
When i left Biarritz, Oxbow gave me a big…no, a huge poster with a picture of me, we put it on the top of my bungalow.

30 to 40 knots, Since two days the wind is super strong here in Rosas.
I have 10 kids from Spain, England, Italie, France, and Holland.
Yesterday we did some small contest of two minutes to help them to manage a heat.Sometimes it was funny because some kids doesn’t speak Spanish, French or English…was hard to let them understand.
We had a hang time contest, the wind was very strong and all the kids were in 7 or 5.
Tanja, the olympic medal, doing the stretching and the mental training, yesterday night we had a small introduction of some mental exercise, it was nice.

The wind never stop to blow in Rosas, 50 knots, everydays…little bit too much.
For the last days i coach two groups of kid, for the picture and the video.
It’s really great for them to learn and to have access of all the tips from the pro riders of North.

All the kids are now mixed up, Brazil, with Spain, Spain with England…
This morning we wake up at 5am to take picture with Christoph, it was so cold, around 12 degrees, i was freezing, i went under the shower for 10 minutes, put my wetsuit on, ran on the beach for ten minutes, and then we did some flash picture.

Two guys holding the flashes, and two jumping…it was so cold on my shorty when i was holding the flash.
But it was fun, we shared kite, boards, we were 6 in the water turning with 3 kites.
We had some nice shot.
After that we had a meeting with Till Eberle, our boss, he introduced all the new stuff for 2007.

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Young Blood Team event

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