January 28 - 2013

WInner Yourmood Kite cup !

 WInner Yourmood Kite cup !

Since 4 years i’m going to La Rosiere, a French ski resort, for a snow kite contest. I do it mainly cause of the general atmosphere.
This year we got so lucky, a perfect day with strong wind, sun and powder, right under the famous “Mont Blanc”.
We did some boardercross, and it was really fun, fighting, and really good spirit.
At the end i won, surprised and happy!

Here is the press release.

A huge sun, no clouds, snow fresh as cream and 50 riders unchained at the idea of riding in this gigantic
area, that is the atmosphere that awaited us during this first big day of the 2013 Yourmood Kitecup.

Enough time to set the flags, drink a cup of coffee and tell each other the two three jokes from last night

and the first knots that were missing in the air suddenly appeared in the air, allowing the first wings to

Riders from all horizons had made the trip to participate to this new form of competition called Border

Cross, at the same time ludic and within reach for everyone. The basics are simple, a starting line and
a finishing line, doors to pass through, kickers to take, all in a record time for the 4 riders that rush all at

the same time. The director of the race resumes this well: “ the border cross calls itself a ultra quick and
stimulating, with natural and artificial obstacles. The competing racers will really have a lot of fun and it

will be tight between them”.

Cherry on the top, the presence of pro rider Jeremy Eloy and world champion Anton Uzhegov, was a
real motivation and a true challenge for all those who decided to participate ion the race.

Hence the race, which started at the sound of 11am, lasted until 4pm, without interruption with an
alternation between ski and snowboard. The wind got stronger during all afternoon, augmenting the
jumping heights and the rider’s audacity for the likes of all spectators. Spectators who by the way could

try out this strange winged sport thanks to the Flysurfer team and their wings, which are very adaptable
to beginners.

Finally, and without and big surprises, many highly seeded riders reached the finals, including Anton
Uzhegov and Jeremy Eloy.

The final standings are as followed:
1) Jeremie Eloy FR North
2) Alexandre Simon F One
3) Romain Dequidt FR F-One / Flysurfer

1) Laurent Sublet FR
2) Pascal Boulgakov FR
3) Yannick Pittet CH Wainmann CH

After all emotions and this incredibly successful day, we are getting ready for what is to be a very festive
and joyful night, sporting activities resuming tomorrow for the finals and a possible Best Trick!

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WInner Yourmood Kite cup !

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