April 26 - 2009

Wild Mexico !

 Wild Mexico !

Back to France after three weeks in Mexico.

I went with Carine Camboulives and Manu Bouvet windsurfer from Hawaii and their daughter Lou and Maxime Houyvet young talented photographer.

We went to a remote area, we didn’t saw only one tourist, and the locals ask Carine which product she put on the hair of Lou to get her hair blond.

A true trip looking for spot, increasingly rare thing, because with INTERNET that make everything more easy and the thing that we need result and have to be sure to come back with good picture. But we forget the main thing of it. Dreaming on each next turn the empty dream spot!

We rode incredible spots, had wind every day, perfect waves, we had to hide us under tables because of some shootings (the cop under the table with me wasn’t looking super confident), we were invited to birthdays, we offered to us food and drink, spoken about kidnapping… in short it would take me hours to tell.

The icing on the cake is the swine flue, i took my plane Friday, that they announced on all newspapers the pandemic risk.

A friend gave me a mask before leaving, arrived at Mexico City half of people had some.

No information, in the plane 4 people had a mask and we arrived at Roissy direct mixed with other flights.

The colorfull candy sprinkles on the cake as I left in the first (thank you frequent flyer gold air France) I had the right to do an interview for the french tv and radio. I just said we did not have information and half people had mask and that kitesurfing is the best sport ever and i kited with my North rebel 9…But apparently they didn’t care about kiteboarding 😉

Anyway i think I have to wait 10 days to say everything is fine, but for the moment I am in full shape it is 4:42 am in full jet lag don’t know what to eat baguette French cheese Comte and Bordeaux , or chocolate yogurt.

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Wild Mexico !

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Wild Mexico !

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Wild Mexico !

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