May 5 - 2009

Why Riding Quad on the North Bullet?

 Why Riding Quad on the North Bullet?

I received lot of emails lately to get advice about the North Bullet, mostly about the fin’s position. I make this news to be clear.

I confirm the Bullet is a quad, large fin’s in front, and small behind (be careful both behind are different, one on the right, one on the left).

Quads are way faster than standard thrusters or even twin fins, both sets of fins are working together on the rail, there’s nothing to slow you down like the center fin of a thruster. Quads are a lot more efficient with speed.

Quads are much more responsive than twin fins or thrusters. The reason is that the fins are set further up the board which essentially puts the fins directly under your back foot. The end result is an ultra responsive board that goes where you want it to go and fast.

Four fins boast an extraordinary amount of holding power in larger surf. A large number of the world’s best big wave surfers use quads in giant surf at Jaws and Mavericks. Many of them claim that a quad fin board has better holding power and speed in giant surf.

So Quad fits perfectly to kiteboarding, speed, big surf, drive…all that you need.

For 3 years, I’m riding a quad (or quattro) perfect in the small and perfect in big, and since 8 months the regular Bullet that you can find in your shop. I use a stance of 50(big) the advice that i can give is to have the back foot at the max end of the board, then you can push and keep all the power that you need.

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