December 27 - 2010

Ushuaia Nature, French TV in Mozambique

 Ushuaia Nature, French TV in Mozambique

Ushuaia Nature: Adventures in Mozambique. Wednesday, December 29 at 20.45 on TF1. Presented by Nicolas Hulot. Directed by Gilles Santantonio.

Nicolas Hulot begins this new issue of Ushuaia Nature in Mozambique on board of a small dhow. The waters of this mythical passage between the Mozambique and the Island of Madagascar hide an impressive fauna.

At 700 kilometers south of the Bazaruto Archipelago in Sodwana, South Africa, the biologist Laurent Ballesta and his team dives to the extreme. After 10 years of physical and mental preparation, they dive every day for a month to watch a living legend, the Coelacanth. This prehistoric fish, of 60 million years, is leaving deep under 100 meters.

Nicolas flew aboard a paraglind over the Bazaruto Archipelago to find Vincent Asked biologist. The two men traveled on horseback over sandbars and lagoons in the archipelago to explore the local wildlife: birds, freshwater plumes, Nile crocodiles, kingfishers … They meet a group of fishermen Tsongas. The diversity of species taken in their nets, is impressive even if the number of fish has decreased considerably due to poaching and fishing as their composed mainly of juveniles.

Nicolas Hulot joined Laurent Ballesta and his team at Sodwana. That gave him the opportunity to practice kitesurfing with the champion Jeremie Eloy. Nicolas and Laurent dive to meet the many varieties of sharks that inhabit the depths. Species endangered worldwide.

Aboard a gulet, the crew of Ushuaia Nature is heading for northern Mozambique to reach the village of Manata. During this trip, Vincent Prié show the images brought back from his expedition in the Luangwa Valley in Zambia. Accompanied by two guides, he observed the largest African mammals: elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes, hippos, but also crowned crane and bee-eaters. Arriving at the village of Makua Manata, the team shares a football match with local people. Navy then joined Nicolas Robillard, PhD Laboratory of Eco-Museum of Anthropology, to get acquainted with the Makua people, a matrilineal Muslim society.

The team is preparing to dive at night in the Mozambique Channel. The images of this immersion are then projected onto a large white cloth to the delight of the 2,500 villagers. For the first time, Makua observe these species evolve in their natural environment. The projection continues with footage shot in Zambia. The youngest fauna discovered amazed unknown.

Nicolas Hulot finds the show on a deserted beach and reminds us that the success of nature lies in its diversity. “Most of mankind is reduced in its diversity, the more she mutilates herself.”

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