July 31 - 2006



Latvia…when Maris, the north, oxbow…distributor, ask me to come, i start to look on the map to see where was Latvia exactly.
From France we mix all the time Estonia, Latvia, and Lituania, in French their name are really close.
Latvia is on the middle, the capital is Riga, and they are around 2 millions habitants..

Maris came with christine to pick me up at the airport of Riga, 2 more hours of driving (on a Renault Espace) and we arrived at the event located in Ventspils.

I really didn’t know what to expect, that’s the first time that i go in Eastern Europe.
Maris introduce me to all the riders, the weather forecast wasn’t really good, but lot of people came.
Ventspils is the biggest harbor of Baltic sea, grey , not very nice…that’s how people describe me this town few years ago, now, they just change the town, with lot of park, lot of stuff for kids, some nice access to the beach…

Saturday, no wind, i present the new North kite the “Rebel”and then they organised some activity, some real funny one, like rigging as fast as you can a kite with a team of 6 people, or to run, then swim, catch a Red Bull, come back, take out your wetsuit and give it to the second personn of your team…
We finished that day, with some wakeboarding, the water was cold, i was with my wetsuit, but some went just with a bikini and a tee shirt…

A party was organised in the Aquapark, Jaccuzi, sauna, sliders, movie on a big screen…and lot of nice people.
They organised a prize giving for the day, and then did a Oxbow fashion show, i really had lot of fun, people were very friendly.
Sunday, big sun, and 8 knots; we enjoyed a sunny day at the beach in Latvia. Maris drove back to Riga, and show me the town,
the company Burusports, some Oxbow shop.

He shows me also his house, outside of the town, closed to the river and the sea, made by wood, paint in blue, i really liked it, was quiet, and very relaxing.
In the airport i was sad to leave, It’s true that we are far from Tahiti or Hawaii, there is no white paradise beach, or coconuts, but the country
have something different to offer,like huge forest, wild nature, nice environment, and people are very friendly..i really liked it i’m thinking of coming back

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