December 29 - 2008

Ushuaia Nature, Bahamas on TV

 Ushuaia Nature, Bahamas on TV

Tonight will be on the First French channel Ushuaia nature the famous TV show (like national Geographic) in France.
Here the survival tips for tonight..
1) Call everyone.
– At the office so the the secretary Simone does not say any more skyte surfing, so that your boss lets to you leave earlier when the trees are moving, or so that Pénélope is impressed by the freedom which gets your sport.
– The family, when your cousin brandon fan of car tuning, during the Christmas diner told you, what’s going on with your kite???
Or your Mother -in-law was mad after you cause you leave Ginette her daughter on the beach by 10 degrees in Normandy under the rain.
– Your Bank, tomorrow it will be easier to go to buy the last Kite 2009,5 lines, bars integrated, and the travel to the Bahamas.
– Your friends, finally Dylan will know that you’re “IN”

I do not know if 5 minutes of kitesurfing on TF1 will solve your problems, but at least enjoy them!!
To be well installed:

How to choose its firewood well?
What it is necessary:
– A quite dry wood, is essential!
– Tree of good quality (oak, charms, beech)
– A good installation
– And a regular brushing.
Moreover it is about an renewable energy favourable with a sustainable development and It does not contribute to the greenhouse effect because CO2 which is released during its decomposition corresponds to CO2 which was consumed during the growth of the tree.

To get dressed: I advise, Oxbow bathing suit, Julbo glasses on the head, sun cream, the feet in the footsraps, sheep sweater Oxbow, yourmood on the finger, wool hat, and large feather bed.
To nibble.

I advise Ti punch, the Bahama mama Coconut Rum, Gold Rum, White Rum, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juic, Dash of Grenadine for colour Mix all the ingredients together and pour over ice.

Soup from the local market or the Banana soup here
And then chips, chocolate, ices, passport, water…

Especially do not put your children to bed, leave them until the end, this is the holidays!!! and I know some (like me) for which this tv show gave dreams and wings!!

For information the best period for the Bahamas it is now until April, deserted spots, the landscapes to cut the breath, but not that of the wind (20 knots regularly)
XL Airways has just launched a regular line at the beginning of Paris, if not with Air France via Miami. The tourist office it is here.

The website of the Tv show it is here you can watched the dolphins, the sharks…

For infos to kite in the Bahamas here.

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Ushuaia Nature, Bahamas on TV

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