September 14 - 2009

Travelling thru france!!

 Travelling thru france!!

September, month of the first storm, wind, waves on the Brittany coasts and Atlantic.
After 4 months of traveling, I put my bags in France between Corsica, Brittany, Paris, Northern France…. (well I do not really stop moving with my luggage, at least I do not use my passport).

But this year no South Storm, the wind is coming from North East, i enjoy to do some freestyle, and send some big air.
Here a little program of the festivities to come, the film that we did in Mozambique will be visible on LCI (french Channel) at the end of the year, and « Ushuaia Nature » in Iceland at the beginning of the year 2010. I will be also in a TV show on France 2 in 3 weeks I will talk about it later.

Check the website North kiteboarding 2010, it’s a new version with movie, pics, the new stuff 2010 (I advise you particularly the rebel 9 a small jewel in wave and Freestyle.) here (look at the first screen; -)

I went to see the film of Nicolas Hulot, ” le syndrome du Titanic” (like the Titanic when you can’t stop the ship to hit the iceberg)
The movie of Al Gore spoke to the reason, Yann Arthus Bertrand spoke to the eyes, and the « Syndrome du Titanic »speaks to the conscience”. It is clearly a film which speaks about human, a call to the reason, more than a green movie.
And What a snap!! pictures, glances, the music… go ahead!! (hum sorry only in French for the moment but Watch the following trailers)
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Travelling thru france!!

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Travelling thru france!!

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