November 3 - 2008

The Meal is ready!!

 The Meal is ready!!

In front of the green wave that breaks on the world it is quite difficult not to run under the tons of bio, ethic, green… Hard to find a way in all this information drained by the companies, marketing, journalists and the politics. In a direction it’s positive, we are now far from the septic opinion on the climate changes a few years ago, and people are moving in the whole world.

New in the dictionary New Oxford American in 2007, the term “Locavore”, to eat local or at least foodstuffs produced less than150 kilometers around. We easily understand the environmental impacts. Somebody gave me a book called “for the ground and the humanism” of Pierre Rabhi, in this book make me smile but shows the irony of the system. In the years 1980 a truck leaves Spain with tomatoes for Netherlands, at the same time a truck leaves Netherlands with Tomatoes for Spain… and they had an accident together in France…

To be Locavore is not easy especially in the big cities (the pigeons are good?) and according to certain studies to eat local is not inevitably less pollutant. The goal is of course to draw less resource and preserve the biodiversity.

On its side the Hulot foundation proposes a solution easy to set up: to eat products of season. Of course it’s not revolutionist but when we never cultivate a radish how to find itself there?
Here the list of seasonal food here (for vegetables and fruits) and here (for fish), and also receipts concocted by big Chef here.
A small guide easy to put out of pocket, easy to put into practice and when it is easy people join.

This week you can also see the French movie “nos enfants nous accuseront” to watch the’s here

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