October 18 - 2006

Tahiti, Teahupoo act 2.

 Tahiti, Teahupoo act 2.

After a long trip to Tahiti, i drove directly to Teahupoo!
I met Martin Vari and Ben Wilson over there at the Teva Joyeux’s place.

We wait all day under the rain, the wind was off and on for 5 minutes…
Next day i came early, and we waited all day in the boat, watching awasome riding, Teiva get a huge one, Manoa look so confortable…

Then Robert Teritheau arrived, with his windsurf, ready to be towned in by the jet ski.
He gets a good one, then the wind start to blow, i was with my 9 vegas, and the rocketfish. Wave were smaller than the last session, but still really good.

I was happy to ride again in “Chops” the place and the wave are so special.
Teiva was doing the security, not so good for him, we crashed a lot, (thanks again Teiva) i finally end up with two kites in my bar..mine and martin’s kite..
That was the end of the day!!!! 

Then the weather forecast was really good during three days ago, big swell, and wind…
But the rain came, and the wind stopped!!!!

Today i drove to Teahupoo, but the wave were too small, but it was sunny, and windy!!!
I drove back, on the way, i saw a kite in the middle of the ocean, that was Yannick Salmon, kiting a spot that i’v never been.

I look for a spot to launch, was ready in 2 minutes…
The wave was perfect, not big, but so good, three or four bottom turns, wind perfect for the 9 vegas..
I tried the new rocketfish, i was really surprised, i’m really happy the board is really good.
2 hours of pleasure, two rider on that spot, 20 dolphins jumping around….a dream

Yann drove me back with his boat to the shore, both we had a big smile stuck on the face!!!!

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Tahiti, Teahupoo act 2.

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