January 25 - 2011

Snowkite event !

 Snowkite event !

This weekend took place the United H2Open Kite, the Snowkiting French championship of long distance at “La Rosiere”, near the border between France and Italia.
Already there last year, I was really happy to come back for the good atmosphere, to meet riders from the 4 corners of France, and because it is also an eco event.

How does it work?
Competitors are divided into Snowboarding, Skiing, Women’s and Veteran, then it is very simple, the first who cross the line, win.

I took my stuff like I was going to kitesurf! Error! in my bag, 12m, 9m, 7m but everybody was with 18, and 16 (it’s been a long time since I have none, although I still have a North Rhino Kiteboarding 2 (2002) in 20 m Brand new.. i keep it for next year ..)
The snow was good, the sun was shining, but the wind a little light. I made the first run with a 14 meters lend by Pierre Romain (North kiteboarding rider from Quiberon) with 30-meter line, it was just enough, and I finished 3rd for this first run.

The next day the wind was still light for 12 meters I didn’t have enough power, so I watched the final, most of the riders were in 16 or 18 meters.
I did not come here to make a result, but more to have fun on the snow, meet riders, and turn the next episodes of Make My Day, filmed by Hugo Metz. (Released early March)
Again thanks to the organization for all their works and for the invitation, i will come back!
The local newspaper “Dauphiné Libéré” did a quite nice article on my visit to “la Rosieres” (See below)

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Snowkite event !

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