September 1 - 2010

Selamat tinggal Indonesia.

 Selamat tinggal Indonesia.

Welcome to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, the aircraft touched down smoothly after 23 hours of traveling.
2 months in Indonesia … it’s like reading a good book, it’s amazing how time flies, and it is already the “thanks page”.

So I want to say thank you to my associates on this trip, Harrison Cole, Manu, Carine and Lou, Jace, John Bilderback, Ben Thouard, Domi, Lyse, and Tuva, Bertrand, Mark, Mamita, Xavier, Yann, Michel and all the people that i met, played poker (in rupiah), drunk a coffee, a coconut…. or shared a wave.

It began with four days of traveling, interesting plane, sketchy ferry, bus embalmed by bathroom cleaning products, to end on an island, a true paradise.
We get Wind for 1 month, 20 to 35 knots, waves, kite surfing and surfing not to mention chicken and rice for the breakfast, lunch and diner.

Then we went by boat, a pirate ship of Sulawesi, made in wood (not even the shadow of a nail), to explore uninhabited islands, and check inaccessible spot by the road.
2 weeks, pulling the anchor by hand, following wind and waves, not always easy, I agree! I won’t tell you the details of spots deserts, campfire, fishing … concluded by an attack of a Komodo Dragon

Then, back on earth, three weeks on another island, with my team mates from Oxbow, Bertrand Fleury and Tuva Jensen, all under the lens of John Bilderback and Ben Thouard.
We had two really nice swells, barrel and good conditions for kite surfing during our stay.
I kited mostly with the North Kiteboarding 2011 WAM 5’10 quad and North Rebel 2011 9 meters, and I think that will be my Quiver for 2011.

And now?
French Cheese, Baguette, because i cannot eat anymore chicken and rice, and stay connected, there are a lot of kite events in France and Switzerland that you don’t want to miss in the next news on the blog.

You will find in a few months, this entire travel story in magazines.

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Selamat tinggal Indonesia.

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Selamat tinggal Indonesia.

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Selamat tinggal Indonesia.

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Selamat tinggal Indonesia.

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Selamat tinggal Indonesia.

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