October 26 - 2009

Paddle crossing record, go loick!!

 Paddle crossing record, go loick!!

Loïck Courpron will try to establish a first new record between Marseilles and Porquerolles with the only force of the arms. 42 nautical miles (78 kilometers). Departure on Tuesday October 27 with 04:30 at Porquerolles. 
 In stand-by since Sunday October 25…

In Marseilles, Loïck and its TEAM decided to start proceedings for Tuesday October 27 at 04:30 am. Weather conditions being joined together for this day. A wind of sector (4 to 10 knots) is coupled with a current of the weak Ligurian, allow Loïck to hurl for its challenge since Porquerolles. 

It’s at the end of the night… that Loïck, will cross the starting line materialized by the alignment of the Molten Tower and the “prequ’ile of Langoustier.

A distance of 42 nautical miles has to cross to join Marseilles and to cut the line located between the turret of Soudaras and the headlight of the Castle d’ Yew.

Part of the TEAM, will leave as of on Monday October 26 in the morning to convoy the boat d’ assistance towards the port of Hyères. Loïck and the remainder of the TEAM will join the port of Hyères at the beginning of evening. Effort estimated at a 14 hours… to rejoin the line in the roads of Marseilles. Loïck should cross the line around 19:00. The physical and mental preparation of these last months will have been optimal. The drives paddleboard ensured by Walter Geyer. Physical preparation with Toni Vargas and mental preparation with Christian Ramos. 

After a career of cyclist in Team of Handisport France… Loïck Courpron, launches out new single challenges whose point of organ will be to establish the record of the discipline between Corsica and the continent (Marseilles – Calvi) in 2012. Loïck was born on March 7, 1979 in Angouleme with an osseous malformation from the hip and shoulder right-hand sides, which had with a native pre infection. It rehabilitates its body thanks to the bicycle, which becomes then for him a high level sport. It makes party of the team of Handisport France during ten years.

Preselected on the Paralympic of Athens in 2004. In 2006 he is the 15th world performer on 4 km; he is also vice champion of France on the road this same year. After having known many experiments, Loïck decides to turn over to the sources: sea, surfing and all that is referred to it.
Instead of keeping it like a simple leisure, Loïck decides to make paddleboard a high level sport with whole share because after ten years of team of France of cycling, the leisure interests it little.

Loïck appreciates the high level sport for the preparation that implies more than for the competitive spirit and the classification.
Stéphanie Barneix (holder of the record of the crossing of L’ Atlantic Ocean in paddleboard) and Jérémie Eloy (Kite surfer pro – jeremieeloykiteboarding.com) are supporting this project.

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