February 9 - 2010

On the Road Through Africa

 On the Road Through Africa

Small North Kiteboarding email a few days ago: Can you go to South Africa to turn your part for the movie North “Behind the scene”?

Me: Yes well I do not know, maybe, or perhaps not .. , no to tell the truth I did not hesitate a second, I was already sitting next to my window in Air France plane. (even if the flight leader wanted me to pay too much for my bag and I was lucky and blablabla, and … not short of excitement, inspiration and expiration and i went thru).

Arrived at Johannesbourg, quick phone call from Ushuaia French Tv show: it seems that you are in South Africa, would you like to come … I was already seated beside the window South African Airlines ..

Well I went through the same as Cape Town, put my bag, to prevent my absence for 2 days and the next morning starting at 4 am.

I got there at 1pm on the other side of Africa near the border with Mozambique. I saved a bunch of rhinos, hippopotamus … and a few cars (some my fault I was driving right instead of left)

We shot over 2 days, bright sunshine, 25 knots of wind, a paradise for any kitesurfer, as I even took some sunburn, it’s not easy every day.

I was glad to find a part of the team and attend the experiences of Laurent Ballesta and his team, they dive under 200 meters with recyclers ( 6 hours under water, had to fight with sharks, with step-downs of more than 4 hours … it’s another world).

In short, once finished, return to Cape Town for the session of the afternoon, up 3.30 am and hippopotamus rhinoceros …

Arrived in Cape Town, i met Olivier from Stance mag, Florian Daubos Naish rider, and Thomas Paris North rider.

We looked for spots to finish at Witsands, side off wind, wave good digs, but ultimately not terrible, and it ended as it should in the rocks.

Yesterday we went to another spot, super wave session, with 3-4 by bottom waves, super session, just missing a little size, Thursday big wave are coming.

It was Jeremie Eloy, peeling arm, live from south africa.

Below the trailer of the DVD “Behind the scene”.
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On the Road Through Africa

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On the Road Through Africa

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On the Road Through Africa

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