July 18 - 2007

Ocean surf spirit, Portugal

 Ocean surf spirit, Portugal

I’m in Portugal in Santa Cruz for a kitesurf wave contest, but we have no wind.

No wind for yesterday on the competition site. The waves of 1M50 made it possible to finish the competition of surfing, the level is high, some of best Europeans are here, and it is impressive how they manage to find beautiful waves when the spot does not look that good.
I benefited from it to have a good small session in company of the kite riders.
Towards 6:30pm with Herve Bourre, we went to Guincho (the wind mecqua of the wind in Portugal) at one hour and half from there, it appears that there is wind.

On the spot, 20 knots side one and waves of 1M50. It was good to go in the water, after having waited all the day.
I found on the spot Christian Diettrich from North and his girlfriend Anna Spare: the world is really small.

Today, no more wind, so the organizer developed a new concept, the triathlon waterman to await the wind. With the choice 3 disciplines among those one: Kayak in the waves, skimboard, surfing, kite, bodyboard.
I chose Surf, kite and skimboard.

1st discipline, the kayak, in approximately 1M50 to 2 meters of waves. Spectacle and insane guaranteed laughter, 2 of the riders controlled, but the 10 others it was really survivor. shakes in all directions to pass the peak, it’s like being in a washing machine with a kayak… I saw riders making involuntary face loop with their kayak….

2nd discipline, Bodyboard, still a great moment. Seeing some of the best kiter fighting with palms, and a bodyboard, in a very particular style, it was hilarious. Lot of people are now on the beach to watch such a great spectacle.

3rd discipline, surfing. I found a board, and i went for my heat, I found 3 or 4 beautiful waves in 15 minutes, concluded by one headplant (balance on the head on the board). I gain the heat happy of the heat.

4th discipline, Skimboard, the spectacle so much awaited, high tide, Shore break devastator of 1M50, full of people on the beach, and a boosted announcer.
I didn’t do any skimboard for the last 15 years. The goal is to take a maximum speed to go to hit the shorebreak and to return with it. But generally it’s the Shore break which hit us and we return full of sand, in the washing machine.
People applaud, died of laughing, I succeeded in doing one 360, and some face loop without the board. Here is a good idea for an event, instead of awaiting the conditions all the week.

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Ocean surf spirit, Portugal

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