August 5 - 2009



Back after a 2 weeks and half trip to Mozambique. I’m really in love with this country, considered one of poorest in the world, but also as the hope of the Black Africa.
15 years the war stopped and the desire for living, and the joy of the Mozambicans are quickly felt.

After a one day stop in Maputo, the capital, we went up North by bus, to met the group of music « Positivo ». Through the music they sensitize the population on the social problems and before all the AIDS. we attended a workshop, with a multitude of children it was extraordinary! Song, dance, music, giggle, so much fun..
Not too far, there was a perfect spot, wind, waves and the sun.

We got supers conditions, waves of 2M+ super clean, wind from 15 to 35 knots the whole framed by whales, dolphins, and turtles. I was traveling with the windsurfers of the Team Oxbow Carine Camboulives, Manu Bouvet, with Lou, also Charles Vandemelebrouck, and Ben Thouard the photographer, a true festival of boards sports with us 4 (surfing, stand up, kitesurf and windsurf).

Positivo gave a concert, they are very powerful and funny on stage. We all dance, sing, was a really good moment.
We ended up going in some islands up North, a kind of small paradise, clear water, wind, camp-site under the tent and wood fire (I had forgotten the marshmallows), the whole on a old boat with Latin sail.

A film was made by Philippe Benamou and Eric Bacos, a road humanitarian and sporting trip, which you will find on TV and DVD.
This Humanitarian travel story will be on tv in France on channel Sport+Tuesday 27th at 2:15pm and Wednesday 28th at 10:15am. More to come.

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