June 13 - 2011

Mosquito, Road and people.

 Mosquito, Road and people.

The Grass is Greener on the Other Side of the Fence?
Actually, I have no idea, I have no neighbors, well, mostly I have no home. I have my roots in France and curiosity drives me to get abroad, up hill and down dale, wind, waves, people …
And I saw spots, waves, people, I know most islands like my pocket, I’m unbeatable on the weather systems of the most beautiful spots …

And yet I’ve never been to the Mecca of kiteboarding in France “Beauduc”, it has become a myth for me, Huge mosquitoes, flies that cluster on the jam for breakfast, sand flying in sleeping bags, the incessant boom boom from parties!

Back from Hawaii, I went to the Challenge of “la Baule”, and I wanted to continue the journey, through a meeting Oxbow, and a shooting for the brand yourmood in the South.

First session in Brittany on the spot of St Malo: Northwest 25 knots and waves. Rare condition this year, as the anticyclone sent Northeast all winter. A wonderful session with mates and that, that’s priceless. (Thank you for the picture of mike rnk35.fr)

I then went to the island of Oleron, for a brief passage, the wind was too light, but beautiful waves. then to Bordeaux to find the “Oxbow People Family” in full force. We had a nice session in Lacanau, side on shore wind, waves and beautiful with all the team. (Thanks for the pictures Patrick Faure)

And finally heading south “Montpellier” for the shooting yourmood with Cedric the boss, strapless for the program.

I had a prototype of the next North kiteboarding Whip when I was in Hawaii, and it’s a real treat in these conditions.
A beautiful day in Canet en Roussillon, in 12 meters, and small perfect kicker to send some tricks.

I had the luck to dive with my friend Laurent Ballesta, a crazy and famous diver, and photographer, in search of Seahorses near Sete.

I did everything to delay the deadline for Beauduc!
I often heard “What !! you’ve never been to Beauduc ???”, as if I had never seen the Eiffel Tower.

Mea culpa, here I am on the track that I had described as impracticable, it is rather bucolic, pink flamingos, horses, bulls and silence.
Sense to go for the first time in Hawaii, yet I know there is no wave, but by hearing so much about it, I imagined everything and anything.

Well the track is not that complicated, my iphone took me right on the beach, I saw a mosquito, battling against the wind to try to drag myself out one ounce of liquid, not enough to catch the malaria either.
Mostly I saw a beautiful beach (a bit like the beaches that we have in the North!).
I met Cedric from yourmood on the spot, we parked near the sea, had a good dinner in the van, talking about the life all evening, then I slept like a log, wrapped in my wings and my boardbag.

The next day I woke up with the noise of the wind and sea!

15-20 knots for the program, sunshine, nice people, a memorable strapless session, in this spot so far away.
Just thinking of staying there for a while, like an hermit, learn how to play guitar, grill fish on a wood fire, and read books between 2 sessions of kite at the foot of the van.

But I’m back … back to Montpellier a few hours later, a session looks at South Beach Grau du Roi. I met Seb Garat, Charlotte Consorti, Hervé Bourré … on the spot.
15-20 kts at 7PM, it’s always nice. Small Kickers perfect for learning new moves strapless, until the sunset.

Same thing the next day, until the sun went down, it’s time for me to go back in Britanny for the festival of St Malo “Astonishing Travellers”.
Finally, It’s not that bad at the south end …

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Mosquito, Road and people.

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Mosquito, Road and people.

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Mosquito, Road and people.

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Mosquito, Road and people.

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Mosquito, Road and people.

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Mosquito, Road and people.

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Mosquito, Road and people.

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Mosquito, Road and people.

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Mosquito, Road and people.

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