June 28 - 2007

Mauritius, one eye!

 Mauritius, one eye!

I have been on Mauritius for 5 days.
Arrived Sunday morning, after a sleepless night in the aircraft because of discussion, I went to lay down at 9 H in the morning for a small nap, which will finish towards 18H (fortunately there was no wind).
The following day, wake up at 6H, I open the curtains, my room gives directly on the sea, large sun, and splendid wave… Big breakfast, and i’m ready to discover the waves of Maurice and especially the famous One Eye. After a small explanation of the spot by the locals, the wind blows already at 20 knots (5 beaufort), I prepare… and I take Vegas 2008 10 meters just left from the factory (not dispo for the moment).

Gilles the caméraman of Stance set up its office, a high chair (6 meters) placed closed to the waves in the lagoon to be in the heart of the action with its camera. The kite is incredible one mix of the vegas 06 and of the 07, I am bluffed, stable, fast, a treat. I start on the small waves of little reef, then of Manawa (in bay there are 5 waves more or less radical with in point of test card One Eye the majestic one… One Eye it is one of the waves fastest in the world, a jewel of concentrated gas liquor which is rolled up around the reef, massive, tubular…

I discover his operation gradually, today the swell is a little badly directed, the wave is even faster and firm. Will follow 2 hours of treat, swimming, the pure pleasure, I return with an enormous smile… The following day, same player shoot again, it larger, is directed better, and that opens. I take this time the Vegas 2008 9 meters, and I will not release it any more.

Gilles the cameraman, and Christoph the photographer shares the chair. perched with the top of the floods they do not miss anything with the spectacle. we are 2 with water, Mallory de la Villemarque, which makes its baptism of fire and me, the waves are massive, the large series are with 3 meters high and that unrolls, barrel… we will quickly be joined by the big boss of North Till which attacks without shame each wave, we are all impréssed.
3 other people distributor from North will join us. Rollers, bottoms, size, the maid limp, and much of swimming, that fuses in all the directions. We will find oneself on the beach 2 hours after before the wind does not fall under a grain.

By arranging the material, I cross the riders that were in the water, and we were smiling with all the teeth out , and do not can prevent oneself from laughing… The following day, the waves are smaller, 2 m on the series, I turn over with Mallory which is addicted, it has a camera on the head, and it will film me all the session.
The first hollow wave, it is right in front of me, our wings are passed very close to, I seek the tube, concentrated on the wave, my wing, and especially not to return to him inside. I am fixed a small tube, one exult, while requesting so that the camera turns. One will take again a 20ene waves, the camera is a very small one called a “paluche”, filming wide angle, it is necessary to be very closed to the other. What we tried to avoid, arrived….

Our two kites are gotten mixed up, impossible to control, mine fall in front of the wave, my kite get eaten, famished, I look at Mallory, frightened, because in 2 seconds my kite tract me under the water and especially on Mallory at Mach 15… that occurs so quickly that I feel hardly Mallory, I am drawn under water, i couldn’t unhooked, after 40 meters the wave coward my kite, I breathe and turns over to look at if Mallory is well.
It makes me sign that all is ok, a new wave, eats me, mixes me, then my kite still draws me, I did not have time to release my kite anxious by Mallory, I went back to the surface, a wave breaks on me, I get smacked in all the directions, goes up, breathe and my kite was in few pieces… I touch finally the reef, the current is very strong, my lines are wedged in the reef, I have one second of flat to unhooked, I catche the kite, the news vegas is in 2 pieces, know that it was a prototype, I disconnect the line, and Mallory bring me my board… we breeze… and I start to swim in the lagoon, a boat came to catch me… we laugh, thank you my beautiful, my new Mistress for this day. Still a week here, Sunday the swell will be enormous… ah that it is good…

Back on track!!! after 10 days in Mauritius, 10 days of wind, perfect waves, I come back the head filled up of feeling.
For last Wednesday, there have been on average 20 knots per day, wave going from 2 to 4 meters.

Verdict 2008, I give the price of the best kite to the rebel 2008 7 meters, a small jewel, early low wind range, a genuine toy in the waves, a little power to go up wind, and i forget it when i surf, a pure treat with my board UWL quad.
We even went windsurfing, with Sky, Jaime, Till the big boss of North, Christian Dietriech… in 4.5m, waveboard (2008), and we sent some Backloop…
The best day was without concession Tuesday, 25 knots, 7 meters rebel, waveboard, 2 meters on average, 3 on the spots of One Eye (all the distributors left Sunday)..
One of my best session of my life, the wave was perfect to engage, go up straight to the lip, that pleasure, I had evil with sunken when the sun came down on the line…
We also held some meetings, for the presentation of the stuff 2008 with the distributors of the whole world, I passed some time also on the table of massage (to being advised the hot stone massage), and we had some birthdays to celebrate, I would pass the details of one evening memorable.
In this kind of trip there are not too much time to visit between the shootings and the meetings.
I am happy to have discovered finished work of my house (Airport Roissy Charles of Gaulle), the terminal s3 was inaugurated yesterday, our plane has being one of the first to park there, result one hour of waiting on the aircraft because the doors of the footbridges did not open, then we plays of track to find bagages..Allez la France!!!

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Mauritius, one eye!

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Mauritius, one eye!

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Mauritius, one eye!

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