July 19 - 2012

Make my Day Episode 4

 Make my Day Episode 4

The episode Make My Day number 4 is online here.

Brittany is synonyms of storms, people, landscapes, colors, lights, tales and legends.

I was looking for something unusual, close to the tale, a little fantastic, and using the stop motion to go thru Brittany seemed the best to what I wanted to tell.

Once the script written, I have tracked every storm, 1 to 2 weeks before, looked in every corner, all the spots, to be sure to be there at the right time, and not miss anything. But Britain is big, from one spot to another there is sometimes 300 to 400 km, the tide that moves, the wind drops, the waves are not at the appointment. We had some disappointments but also some nice surprises, meetings, people who sat next to us watching the beauty of nature, asking why our camera was clicking every two seconds.

A big thank you to everyone who helped me, without Lyse, Simon, Yves, Gaetan, Olive, Nico, this is primarily a story of friend, who kindly follow me, shoot, spend hours on the beach, get up early, and believe in my wacky ideas.

People who saw me, jumping in wetsuit all around, yes i’m a little crazy, but we had fun.

Thank you to Brittany, for all that this movie has given us, I will remember particularly one night when I slept under the stars at the feet of the dolmens.


Tourist Board of Brittany: here

All about Britain: wikipedia

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Make my Day Episode 4

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Make my Day Episode 4

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Make my Day Episode 4

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Make my Day Episode 4

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Make my Day Episode 4

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