December 17 - 2010

Make My Day.

 Make My Day.

I’m really happy to introduce you the video series “Make My Day”.

Clic here, Put it full screen, volume at the max, don’t forgot the sunscreen, Welcome to Hawaii!
Do not forget to comment the video, there is a harness North kiteboarding Air Styler and a pair of sunglasses polarized Julbo “the Run” to win, every comment will be draw until January 30, 2011.

The Making Off

6 am, at 3000 meters at the summit of Volcan Haelakala, the needle of the thermometer hovering around 0 degrees, the day begins in Hawaii with the most beautiful show.
Cheeks red, dry eyes, i have a big respect for some tourist who came here only with flip flop, but perhaps they didn’t know the truth…
It is a pilgrimage! No need to be hooked to a religion to appreciate the moment, we follow the crowd, attracted by the dream that company sale them “the most beautifull sunrise on earth”
They huddle by 60, behind barriers, such as sheep of Panurge, seeking any heat and a bit of solace.
A little advice, check out the right path, 300 meters chaotic in the lava, and you are alone against the elements.

The asphalt passes under the wheels of my skate, roads are clean, some are steep descents, and I avoid a big crash.

Coffee at Grandma Open 7 days a week. Everything is baked fresh daily at the Coffee house. They proudly serve the exclusive 100% organically grown Grandma’s Maui Coffee. Their proprietary blend is grown on the slopes of Haleakala. They grow, harvest, process, and roast the coffee themselves. Their 100+ year-old roaster is located at the coffee house. It sits through a viewing window, creating an aroma to everyone’s delight.
As they say here “Enjoy A Cup From The End Of The Rainbow”

They call this place “Up country Maui,” no surf culture here, but cows, Cowboys, horses, chickens, deer, and fire place. The Hawaii that we do not sell in the brochures, and yet it’s probably my favorite. but Shsh!

The wind gets up at 11 am.
Lanes, “The kitesurf wave spot of Maui.
In the last American Kiteboarder Magazine, they have included this beach in the top 10 most dangerous spots.
A small beach 10 meters wide, then a dry reef of 40 meters, ultra sharp and packed with sea urchin, not to mention a super irregular wind around 30 knots.
Congrats if you get out of the water without a cut!
Still, it’s a spot I like. In 30 days I had 8 incredible days, 15 good days, and 2 average days. (Don’t mention the number of cuts).

A Chicken Rice at the corner store “Kuau Mart” . It’s more than an institution run by an extremely nice Hawaiian family . Always ask for news, telling stories. Inside on the wall there is picture of riders who come to eat here, a “world wall of fame” of surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding.

Back to the water, Pushing the limits and try things, such as 360, or mutant that you can see in the video.

Black cloud and rain come as every evening, with a lot of rainbows,sometimes there is one every 5 minutes. It’s time for the wind to die, I go to meet all my friend at the Paia Fish Market ( Paia Corner” in the video). For this time-laps I stayed 50 minutes without moving at the door, people looked at me curiously, was funny…

Then with Franck Berthuot the cameraman of the movie, we went downstairs from his house on the beach for the last time-laps period (For real we started the first day to shoot that ) basically a picture every 3 minutes, 1 second film for 1 hour. we did 5 seconds ….

We installed the kite with a light behind, programmed the device, and I sleept on the beach in my boardbag. Around 2:30 in the morning, 5 hours of photos, I was awakened by the sea, the waves were not far from me, it was high tide and the water almost touch the tripod.
So I stopped everything and came back … When you see the movie, we only wish is that it lasts longer … until sunrise.

2 weeks of shooting and editing.
Thank you to North Kiteboarding and Julbo for their support and trust.

Franck Berthuot for his unfailing motivation, ideas, and hours that he did not count.

Sarah his wife, best assistant, specialized in Dolly and to supports Francky excitement when he gets an idea.

Robby Seeger for editing, a big watersport man (windsurfing, tow in), giving tips, frank and direct.

Grandma’s Cafe, for the help, and to let us shoot over there, the owner and the dog of Keokea gallery, the gods of skateboarding who saved me from a big crash, and the French connection in Maui for their advice.

New Dawn Media for the contest web page.

Kasabian for their song Fire

All the guys here or elsewhere who give their keys: Lyse for her patience, Manu, Ben and Domi Thouard, Cyril, Charlyboy (for moral support during the 50 minutes at Paia fish market), Yves, Clem. ..

My partners : North kiteboarding, Oxbow, Julbo, yourmood, Surfrider Foundation.

Travel tips to Maui

Plane: Lot of company are going over there (Delta, United, America..) From Europe fly to Los Angeles and then direct fly to MAUi (Kahului, OGG)

Accomodation: The place to be : Haiku, Paia or Sprecks Maui connection

For a car : Good deal contact Sergio : Manaloaha, for a brand new car Alamo

To eat : Mana food My favorite spot.

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Make My Day.

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Make My Day.

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Make My Day.

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