September 19 - 2011

Make My Day Tahiti-Teahupoo

 Make My Day Tahiti-Teahupoo

I’m happy to introduce you the third Episode of the webepisode Make My Day, here.
The action take place in Tahiti, Teahupoo.

“Did internet change the way of thinking ?” was the title of an article of the newspaper “Le Monde”. A crowd of scientists, researchers, considered the question, a real subject for the High school diploma in which I shall have told this story.

There’s no doubt, internet has changed my way of thinking, and especially my lifestyle :
On the internet, we can pursue storms, we can forecast for the next 6 days the waves which will cross the ocean, a dream for storm hunters, no need to wait for days and weeks on a spot to hope to ride beautiful waves which suddenly arrives one morning…

I am not generally a very big fan to travel according to the weather report, I do not like to go off one week to the end of the world only to “score” and to set off again without discovering the country, the people. No, thank you !
Nevertheless, when Benjamin Thouard the photographer blew up my Skype icon at the bottom of my screen, my schedule of the next month was fast cancelled.

Road Book Tahiti:

Best period for kitesurfing in Tahiti:
May to October

Several routes are possible to go to Tahiti.
The simplest is to leave from Paris via Los Angeles for Papeete with Air France or the local airlines Air Tahiti Nui.
It costs between 1400 and 2500 euros the ticket, the prices vary according to the season, for a 11 hours flight for
Paris / LAX and 8 hours flight for LAX / PPT.

For those, who’d want some more flights and stopovers to liven up their trip, there is also a possibility to leave from
Madrid, to fly directly for Santiago in Chile with LAN Chile, then from Santiago you take the flight for Tahiti which
stops in the Easter Island.

Other possibility, Paris/Tokyo in Japan in a direct flight for those who’d like to discover the Japanese culture, and a
Japan/Tahiti with a direct flight and you will arrive finally in Polynesia.

On the spot, you have many opportunities regarding spots, housing and means of transport.
The life is expensive in Polynesia but it is always possible to find attractive offers.

For the nature lovers, they will be welcomed, directly, into the peninsula of Tahiti by a many pensions as “Pension Chayan” and ” Vanira Lodge”.
For those who want to be in good hands, Baptiste Gossein, who is completely settled in Tahiti, rents a magnificent house in seaside, maybe some will be lucky to stay there !
It’s hard to rent some stuff in the peninsula. So, you will have to tote your board bags.

For the others who would prefer to keep a link with the civilization and the modern world, there are lots of pensions and hotels around Motu Martin, the Tahiti spot of kite not far away from the mouth of Papenoo which can turn out to be a very good spot of waves for any level !
There, you will be able to rent gears and also take kite lessons.
Contact Manutea it is the school of kite of Tahiti, he got his BP in France to Quiberon.
There is a small pension on this motu or the Radisson hotel in seaside.
Located just at a few step from the city, you will take advantage of the night life of the island.

But there are so many others places to discover in Polynesia, you will have the possibility of taking the ferry forMoorea, the sister island of Tahiti, still very protected, even if it’s situated just in front of Tahiti and Papeete.
The life is quiet and pleasant and it’s one of the most beautiful windsurfing spot of the world without wanting to overdo.
The beach of Tipaniers ! A pension in seaside in front of the spot waits for you there (Les Tipaniers)

Contact David Bourroux, well known in the world of kitesurfing, he takes care of the local kitesurf school Lakana fly

I have to stop otherwise the list would be too long, Polynesia counts about 120 islands whose majority are tourist.
For the most curious of you, I invite them to look at the maps of the various archipelagoes.

Oh yes ! I forgot, you have another last and ultimate solution for your dream journey : the boat !
Several rental boat companies in Polynesia among them the leader “Moorings” propose some stays on a catamaran, for sailing through Tahiti and its islands.
It’s up to you, all I know is that you will not be disappointed by the journey !

Kitesurfer, Surfers, Windsurfers, SUP’ er, divers or walkers, all will find what they are looking for…
Then try the experience !

Well OK…. you want more ?
You want a hint ?
One of my precious contact for those who want “to be in the heart of the chicken” as they say here, is Rodo VINH-TUNG in “” who will propose you his best plans and will organize you the journey of yourlife !
Then more excuses??

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