April 9 - 2013

Make My Day New Zealand Part 3

 Make My Day New Zealand Part 3

I’m pleased to announce that Part 3 of episode sixth Make my Day is out. This movie was shot in New Zealand, and it’s divided in 3 parts, which will be issued every tuesday for the next three weeks.

Follow us through our 6 weeks of adventures driving thru New Zealand. The concept is simple : 1 camper, 3 friends, tons of toys to enjoy each and every parts of this fabulous country.

To watch it: Clic here, grab some pop corn, watch it full screen, and enjoy.

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This journey began by chance I must say. I always had this desire to go to New Zealand.
I heard so many stories from there, crazy landscape, wind, wave, Maori culture, volcano, and the fact that it was possible to go skiing, and swimming the same day.

When I start to prepare this travel, everything went super fast. I got a camper, some plane tickets, and Gaetan, the Wanaii films cameraman was available as well as Ben Thouard the photographer based in Tahiti.

Road book

The motorhome is definitely the best alternative to travel to New Zealand. Sleep under the stars, on top of a mountain or near a good spot, you have plenty of choice. The French agency “Comptoir” organizes everything.
Package of 21 days start at 2550 euro, including plane from France.

We flew with Air Tahiti Nui. Good to know that boardbags are free (below 23kg).

The Tourism office of New Zealand to know everything for your trip.

Some tips to enjoy your roadtrip in New Zealand.

– Get a map from the “DOC” website here. A DOC is a place where in exchange of $ 6 (average) slipped into a box, you can park your camper for the night. Sometimes you can find toilets, water, barbecues … map are available at Auckland Airport, or tourism offices.

North Island or South Island?

We had the chance to do both, and I do not really have a preference, the two are completely different. For kitesurfing, I had better conditions around Taranaki on the North Island. In the south we had less wind but there is lot of potential.

What I liked:

Camping Waikite (not because there is the word kite in it) but because there is some nice hot pools. The camp is a bit small, so make sure to book it before. You can sleep there, and wake up at 6am and jump into hotwater. You can see it at 3:30mn in the first part of the episode.

Taranaki: Lot of spot for surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing. You can get waves and wind from all directions.

Milford Sound: Located in the South Island, one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. A magic Fjord with waterfalls crashing into the sea. It’s a dead end and it takes about 3 hours of driving from Queenstown. But it’s really really worth it. Wait 3pm and you will be alone, with the most beautiful garden in front of your door. To kitesurf in Milford sound? , wait also 3pm I think. There is an airport just near the beach but i think they close around 3pm (Check before). I don’t know if somebody kitesurf there before, but I can tell you that it is quite extraordinary … Do not hesitate if the wind is with you …

For the rest, get lost, this is where your adventure begins.

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