October 1 - 2012

Make My Day episode 5 / Mauritius One Eye

 Make My Day episode 5 / Mauritius One Eye

i’m Happy to announce that the Episode 5 of the web series Make my Day is online here.

“Mauritius Island” a true postcard that you pin on you refrigerator, white beaches, mountains, waterfalls, lagoons and behind this… we discover a country, landscapes, people, smiles, and stories.
I will tell you the legend of a wave called One Eye. we are coming from all over the world to ride it, we love it, we respect it, but very few of us know the real story of that place …

On July 27, 2012 (with cameraman Gaetan Botrel) we embark for a month of adventure, with cameras (Canon DSLR), a crane, Drone, the Go pros, rail, ideas and desires full into our head.

Up at 7am every day, we drove around the island from north to south, depending on the waves and winds. I went to Mauritius a dozen times, and I’ve never seen anything other than One Eye. I must say that this wave is quite addictive. But before you go, make sure you have the level that you know the priorities, go back on the beach at night before the wind die, share waves between kitesurfers, but also let waves to windsurfers. The atmosphere is pretty good, no need to be in conquered territory, respect the local surfers, help people in trouble, because here it can quickly turn bad.

Thank you again to all, we had a fabulous time.
If you like the music from Malo, you can download it here


To climb the top of le Morne and enjoy the breathtaking view, excellent and only guide is Yan Maroussem. To contact by phone 785 6177. or by email yan@yanature.com his website for more info is here

Rent a place
Contact : hello@sonofkite.com

For kitesurfing schools in Mauritius there is the excellent JC Galey, from Son of Beach school, an outstanding teacher, just go read the reviews on trip advisor to be convinced here. JC’s website is here, Go there eyes closed ..

There is also the Ion Club, with Baba and Ninja.

Outside kitesurfing in Mauritius: The waterfall of Chamarel, Whales, climb to the top of Le Morne, the peak of Black River, Rochester falls…

Basically you have two options: Either go through a tour operator, hotel near the beach (Marmara, Indian, Luxury, Paradise) or the most economical rent a studio or a house, between La Gaulette and Le Morne and rent a vehicle at the airport or in agencies in “la Gaulette”.

There is a supermarket in “La Gaulette”, there is everything.

Eat lunch at the Snack “Cyril” on the beach, cheap and super good (chocolate crepe is the top)

In the evening, not many activities, there is Ocean Vagabond to eat and drink at La Gaulette or drive 30 mn to Flic en Flac for evenings a little more wild.

Flights: From France either Air France or Air Mauritius, the most economical being through Dubai with Emirates but with more stop.

Gear: from 12m to 5m especially for girls (the 5), wetsuit shorty or long john if you get cold fast.

Best time for kitesurfing in Mauritius from June to end of October …

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Make My Day episode 5 / Mauritius One Eye

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Make My Day episode 5 / Mauritius One Eye

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Make My Day episode 5 / Mauritius One Eye

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Make My Day episode 5 / Mauritius One Eye

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Make My Day episode 5 / Mauritius One Eye

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Make My Day episode 5 / Mauritius One Eye

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Make My Day episode 5 / Mauritius One Eye

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Make My Day episode 5 / Mauritius One Eye

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Make My Day episode 5 / Mauritius One Eye

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Make My Day episode 5 / Mauritius One Eye

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Make My Day episode 5 / Mauritius One Eye

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