May 18 - 2011

Make My Day episode 2 , Indonesia.

 Make My Day episode 2 , Indonesia.

The new episode Make My Day in Indonesia is here
You Can win a North Surfboard 5’10 and a Oxbow summer pack.

Making off

Welcome to a story that change our life, 2 months far away from any Wireless, or phone connection, far away from a fast life, going back to the roots, enjoying the day, close to the nature and people around us.

We only knew that we will share crazy uncrowded waves, crazy stories, crazy experiences with locals, and we have here a bit of unconsciousness.

Everything will start in Timor, right on top of Australia, on the eastern point of Indonesia, a country shaked by a war that end up in 1999. They get plenty of wave, and what we saw on Internet, on forum, on weather forecast, it’s windy, really windy.

In reality, the Komodo dragon really try to attack us, or perhaps was curious about us. I think he saw Lou, the little girl, and he just freaked out.

Extract from the story:
“The boat is going fast, waves grab us by the back, the wind is pushing the mast the storm welcomes us coldly.

The wood swells, cracks, wobbles, stretches, and suddenly gives way, in a snap deafening.
It stirs in every sense, open-heart surgery, the attachment of one of the drifts exploded. Tools slide in front of me, one after the other, we repair as fast as we can.
Night falls, the boat fled the sea, wave after wave, surf after surf, 11 knots, some waves arrive to take over and literally burst on the bridge.

The land is black, cliffs have their feet nibbling by the white water, dark clouds, rushing silently in single file, avoiding the unwelcoming place.

No lights, no moon, no stars, we mare this baleful spectacle on these bitter waves, praying that the GPS is showing us the path.

In turn we start to waltz in our bunks, the conductor throws his last rumblings, and the late night was much better than expected.”

How to get to Indo :
From Europe you have plenty of company (KLM, Singapore, Emirates..)
From USA you can go by Japan.
From South america, you can go by Australia.
Best is to arrive in Bali, then you have plenty of choice to travel around.
Best time of the year for the wind is July to October.

In indo you can travel by plane : Garuda, Merpati…(good luck)
By boat: connection in between every island.

By motocycle, local style for few roupies a day

To go to a trip with Zirbad our boat in the movie :
To know everything about the Komodo Dragon

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Make My Day episode 2 , Indonesia.

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Make My Day episode 2 , Indonesia.

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Make My Day episode 2 , Indonesia.

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Make My Day episode 2 , Indonesia.

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Make My Day episode 2 , Indonesia.

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Make My Day episode 2 , Indonesia.

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Make My Day episode 2 , Indonesia.

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Make My Day episode 2 , Indonesia.

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