November 19 - 2010

Madeira, the Story !

 Madeira, the Story !

Here we are, 10 months after the trip to Madeira with the photographer Maxime Houyvet, the travel story went out magazine, so i upload it here, Enjoy!

A little part:
In front of me, the Ocean is just gloomy, on the right, around 1 kilometers away, there is a small village surmounted by a church. A white cloud is quietly floating at the beginning of the abrupt cliff, contrasting strangely with the grey aggressive clouds planted at the top of the mountains.
Waterfall are everywhere, throwing tons of water every seconds, black rocks are in equilibrium along the huge cliff, rinsed by all this liquid, ready to go downhill.

The silence is heavy, intense, slightly disturbed by the lapping of these thousand liters of waters which fervently tumble down the slopes.
All mix with the rhythm of waves, which ceaselessly attack the ground. The rocks roll and cling, in a collective hysteria, in order to avoid to be gobbled up.
This landscape is bewitching and fascinates me.

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Madeira, the Story !

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