July 28 - 2007



A few hours of plane, the head against the window, and i arrived at the border of Europe, in Latvia. I am in a hurry to see everyone, I came one year ago, I have so much memories, and even still remember some words of Latvian. The community kite here is before a whole tribe, if they do kitetesurfing, it is especially a pretext to be together.
They are 6 to await me at the airport, 180 kilometers by car, the music full power, the camper follows how she can behind. We will sleep in a hotel which makes also room for student, we smells the influence of the past here.

The first day :
We met everyone on the beach, 35 people were registered.
The spot is very choppy, on Shore in 12 meters vegas. they organize clinic, so i try to answer the best possible at all the questions, Railey, Handle pass or another Sbend… the choppy condition is not easy to progress, but they all ultra motivated. The evening, dinner, video and vodka, I never saw such large alcohol bottles…

The second day :
Rain and no wind, this is the program for the breakfast and lunch. we decided to go on a spot 40 kilometers from there, to do a downwind. I will go on a yellow Hummer, with nice rims.
Even if last year there was no wind the event was a success, everyone had passed a memorable week end, and the rumor exceeded the borders, some riders from Estonia came.

40 to 50 kites are already in the air, the wind blows 20-25 knots, I have only my 12 meter.
We will kite one hour on this spot, then downwind for 40 km. It should be known that this part of wild East coast, it was a military reserve in Soviet time, there is no village there, no house, nothing.
The landscapes are splendid, large trees overhang the beach, from clay cliffs fall to the short-nap cloth from water, and dunes are swept by the wind. I had fun all long by surfing the waves of one meters, I did not think that I will have as much pleasure here, as what the prejudices are generally a waste of time. We return to the spot, I find a part of the tribe, they emptied to 4 or 5 a can of 5 liters vodka in the afternoon… as if nothing were not, as fresh as when I left them the morning… Everyone arrived for the week end, with the program competition, Freestyle, wave and long distance, I will be a judge on freestyle.

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