November 18 - 2010

Kitesurfing Maui, Hawaii.

 Kitesurfing Maui, Hawaii.

After a quick “pit stop” in Paris to get my monthly dose of cheese, I took the plane to Hawaii.

I went with some friends Alice and Arnaud met on an island in the Indian Ocean in 2004. Alice has prepared a surprise for the birthday of Arnaud, he was not aware of anything.
Alice woke him up Sunday morning at 5:30, and they came to pick me up, I already had his gear, he was really surprised, especially when he realized that we were going to Hawaii, the dream of his life …

We get a full week of kitesurfing! Wind every day for 7meters North Rebel, 2 swells, including a large 10 feet 2 days ago.

I can hardly recognize Flash Beach, the beach right next to the famous “Kitebeach”.
With Cyril Coste we spend winters here to train for the PKRA, 2 or 3 riders on the spot … and it was still the case 2-3 years ago … But the spot is now packed, Italians, French, Americans … fortunately the atmosphere is pretty good despite some traffic jam on the water …

The wave spot for kitesurfing is Lanes, the nearby beach of Ho’okipa (the Mecca of windsurfing) not the best waves, but a nice place to ride, and fairly consistent.
The launch is tight enough, the wind is completely gusty because of the Hookipa hill, we have to walk on the reef full of sea urchins (shoes required) for 30 meters, and jump into the waves.

Once in the water everything is cool, the spot is nice, the view incredible, and there is always a turtle between two waves which shows his nose.
No kite here before 11am, the morning is perfect for a swim in the waterfalls, go to the top of the volcano Haleakala to watch the sunrise, go surfing .. there is always something to do.

This week the wind takes a break, I’ll finally be able to work, finish the texts of Indonesia story, work on projects for 2011, and next week already looks epic.
There are some pros at the moment, Sky Solbach my team mates from North Kiteboarding, his girlfriend Kristin Boese, and North Kiteboarding designer Ken Winner…

It is gray and stormy outside?, or even it’s the night? check this webcam right on Lanes and Hookipa (check the time difference from your house and Hawaii to get it the day) it’s rather nice to take control of the web cam (bottom right of the video) from you office or house and zoom on riders slashing waves.

I did a little test with the Go Pro and a customized line mount at Lanes …

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Kitesurfing Maui, Hawaii.

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Kitesurfing Maui, Hawaii.

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Kitesurfing Maui, Hawaii.

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Kitesurfing Maui, Hawaii.

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Kitesurfing Maui, Hawaii.

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Kitesurfing Maui, Hawaii.

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Kitesurfing Maui, Hawaii.

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Kitesurfing Maui, Hawaii.

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Kitesurfing Maui, Hawaii.

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Kitesurfing Maui, Hawaii.

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Kitesurfing Maui, Hawaii.

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Kitesurfing Maui, Hawaii.

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Kitesurfing Maui, Hawaii.

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Kitesurfing Maui, Hawaii.

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